Newmarket Pools

Coach's Corner

As we reach that part of the season where we are returning to school and preparing for various swimming competitions, we start thinking about how fast a time we have to go to win.

What we really should be thinking about is how well we train and how we execute those little things like good 5m streamlines, good turns from the wall etc.

Commit to training and do those things well and you will swim fast and then look at your times!

Bob Miller, Head Coach

Swimmers - your early season training has been great and those who raced last week swam great, did PBs, or very good times.

So set yourself a real challenge for the coming season, a worthy goal - not an easy one. And, remember if you don't believe you can reach that goal then you probably wont.

Be confident, train hard and above all be disciplined in training and remember to thank your mums and dads for their support.

Bob Miller, Head Coach


Squad training times
Junior:              3.30-5.00pm

Intermediate:  3.30pm-5:30pm

Senior:            4.00-6.00pm

Junior:              Nick Draheim, Mary-Ann Stitt

Intermediate:   Josh DiBella

Senior:            Bob Miller (head coach), Steve Miller (assistant)

Coach's Profiles

Robert Miller
  • Newmarket Pool Lessee
  • Head Coach Newmarket Racers Swim Club
  • 20Years Coaching experience
  • Has coached swimmers to State and National level
  • Assistant coach for 5years with Joe King (tripple Olympic Games Coach)

Steven Miller
  • Bachelor of Education (phys Ed)
  • Coach and Learn to swim instructor
  • Registered Examiner RLSSQ
  • 10years Coaching experience

Chris Miller
  • Bachelor of Health Science
  • Coach and Learn to swim instructor
  • Registered Examiner RLSSQ
  • Recreational Trainer
  • Competency Based trainer and Assessor RLSSQ
  • 9years coaching experience