Newmarket Pools

Class Timetable
Creche Hours


All Exercise Classes, Aqua Classes and Adult Squad are $12

Special! Get 10 classes for $100.
FREE Swim with Every Class
Crèche Hours - 8:30am to 11:30am.

Crèche $5 for the first child.
$3 dollars for second child
third child is FREE.

Maximum 1.5 hours, please book in advance.

Last update 27/07/2016
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5:30 AM     Boxing Circuit        
7:00 AM Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics

  Aqua Aerobics    
9:15 AM   Combo Circuit          
9:15 AM     Adult Squad   Adult Squad  
9:30 AM           Boxing Circuit  
12:15 PM Aqua Aerobics   Aqua Aerobics Aqua Aerobics      
6:15 PM Aqua Aerobics Aqua Aerobics      
6:30 PM Adult Squad Adult Squad      
7:15 PM        

Fitness Centre Program Details

Stay Tuned! More classes will become avil as demand increases.

Combo Circuit (45 min) – Maximise your results with the ultimate body workout by combining Cardio & Strength into this one dynamic Combo Circuit. This Circuit moves you quickly between stations, so your heart rate stays elevated as you switch between specifically designed cardio & strength exercises. It will improve your cardio, strength, endurance & boost calories burned. This Circuit is suitable for all levels of fitness.

Boxing Circuit (45 min) – The Boxing Circuit focuses on all the components of your fitness by combining effective boxing drills with functional exercise designed to increase your cardio, strength, speed, agility and power. Boxing is one of the most efficient forms of overall conditioning and promotes optimal fat burning. It’s effective and fun training that promotes safe boxing techniques so anyone at any fitness level can join in.


Adult Swim Squad (1 hour and 15 min) – swim sessions designed to cater for all levels of adult swimmers from leisure to competitive swimming offering stroke correction in a friendly and social environment.

Aqua Running (45 min) (summer season only) - deep water running class that will improve fitness, burn fat and tone the legs and buttocks.

Aqua Aerobics (45 min) – Low impact water session designed for all ages that will improve muscular tone, cardio-respiratory endurance, fitness and flexibility in a social environment. A new age version of aqua aerobics that will burn fat, tone and shape the body  with low impact on joints.